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Saturday, 9th June

7pm - 11pm



€7 - €10 + booking fee (available here)













The Workmans Club
10 Wellington Quay,

Dublin 2.


"The Building Blocks of a DIY Music Project"

Welcome back to SelfMade! This time, our focus will be on the 'building blocks' of a music project - in business terms, the assets! This can range from the tracks themselves, to production, visuals, videos, getting your site and socials in order, and essentially, your brand. Each of our featured artists has proven that before any strategy can happen around a project, you need to dress for the job you want, whether you have the support of a label or not. 

We've invited four pioneering alternative artists to dismantle the building blocks of their project. Our panel will look back on their earlier days in music and lessons learned on the way. Each of our artists will present a recent release as a case-study, and we'll find out how they've thought outside the box as a DIY artist to produce something that's put them on the map of new Irish music.