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We are SelfMade.

Our goal is to bring artists together and empower each other with practical knowledge and skills to build a music project.  

There are a million resources and guidelines out there about the music industry. But putting these into practice can be a whole different story. Our events put artists in the spotlight to help us learn from each other; to simply ask, ‘how did you do that?’, and to offer practical insights into how the music industry works. We are run by artists, for artists. We want SelfMade to be an inclusive space to learn, skill-share, connect and collaborate with your creative community.

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SelfMade is organised independently by artist and music enthusiast, Joanna Bain, and Julie Hawk (musician and label co-founder HAVVK / Veta Records) in collaboration with a collective of Irish musicians and creatives working in the music industry.


Since we started in 2018, we’ve hosted workshops, exhibitions, meet-ups, panels, zines, and live shows. There are loads of ways we can work together to connect artists with each other and with industry names. To stay connected with the SelfMade community or have your say in future events, join our SelfMade Facebook Group



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