SelfMade is a platform to explore DIY music in Ireland through performance, discussion, and art, with a strong focus on women in music. 


Mission Statement: 

Our goal is to celebrate the work of DIY musicians and to create a supportive space to explore the realities of getting a music project or career off the ground by:

1. Providing a platform for independent musicians to learn, skill-share, and express their experiences.

2. Creating opportunities for networking, community connections, collaboration, and exposure.

3. Taking affirmative action to highlight and correct the underrepresentation of women in music.

Through live shows, online forum, workshops, media coverage, exhibitions, meetups, panels, zines, and more, there are countless ways we can work together to connect artists with each other and with industry names. To stay connected with the SelfMade community or have your say in future events, join our SelfMade Facebook Group


SelfMade is organised independently by artist and music enthusiast, Joanna Bain, and Julie Hawk (musician and illustrator – HAWK / Veta Records) in collaboration with a collective of Irish musicians and creatives working in the music industry.